Conferences, Trainings, Events

The Złote Brzozy Training and Conference Centre provides you with professional conference facilities, which enables to comprehensively organize events and meetings: trainings, conferences, congresses, conventions or other events. To ensure the best conditions for the organization of events, we put at your disposal five fully equipped conference rooms located on two floors of the main building.

All conference rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, modern audiovisual equipment and wireless Internet access. There is a spacious foyer in front of each room, where the coffee service is provided. Sala Turkusowa, Sala Malinowa and Sala Blekitna – the rooms 100 square meters each – are able to accommodate up to 100 people each. Sala Kominkowa and Sala Mysliwska offer more cosy space – 20 and 25 square meters, designed for 10 and 14 people, respectively. We also provide the possibility of arranging the conference rooms according to your needs.

Outdoor Events

By the virtue of vast green surroundings, Złote Brzozy constitutes also an ideal place for outdoor events and picnics. The area around the Centre is adapted to the organization of events and activities that can gather up to 1,000 people. The Centre infrastructure, including convenient access to low and high capacity power sources and water access points, parking, security, fencing, enable rendering professional service during outdoor events.

Well-maintained infrastructure and venue surroundings, consisting of more than 3 hectares of forest, the picnic meadow and rose alleys, make the atmosphere during outdoor events at Złote Brzozy unique.

Conference rooms

ROOM AREA setting
"TURKUSOWA" 100 m2 100 80
"MALINOWA" 100 m2 100 80
"BŁĘKITNA" 100 m2 100 70
"KOMINKOWA" 20 m2 - 12
"MYŚLIWSKA" 25 m2 - 16

Additional Attractions

Wishing your stay at Złote Brzozy becomes an unforgettable experience for you, we also offer the possibility to organize any attraction or activity. To meet the individual needs of customers, we will do our best to make your stay at Złote Brzozy the unique experience.




Room Type Gross Price
Single Room 150,00
Double Room for 1 person 170,00
Double Room 190,00
Triple Room 210,00
Single suite Lux 320,00
Single suite 250,00
Year-round free-standing cabin for 2 people 190,00
Year-round free-standing cabin for 4 people 230,00

Breakfast included in the room price.


Conference Rooms Gross Price
(PLN per day/hour)
Sala Błękitna (100 m2) 940,00/90,00
Sala Turkusowa (100 m2) 740,00/80,00
Sala Malinowa (100 m2) 740,00/80,00
Sala Myśliwska (30 m2) 440,00/70,00
Sala Kominkowa (25 m2) 440,00/70,00


Service Type Gross Price
Buffet-style breakfast from 40,00
Standard coffee service 18,00
Standard service with cake from 18,00
Coffee service with cake and fruit from 20,00
Standard coffee service with sandwiches (3 pcs/person) from 25,00
Standard dinner 45,00
Buffet-style dinner from 60,00
Standard supper 40,00
Enriched supper from 60,00
Solemn supper – banquet from 100,00
Special events (weddings, christening and first communion receptions) from 150,00

Feel free to contact our marketing department to prepare an individual offer.